Blah Blah Blah, Selective Hearing

“BE STRONG! Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY! Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP! Blah, blah, WE WILL NEVER CONCEDE! Blah blah, blah.

Gaza & the True Second Coming

What is the blowback every time the holocaust/antisemitism card is played on someone who is legitimately criticizing the atrocities done by Israel and its supporters? They just created fertile soil for more people to become antisemitic. It can be taken as proof that Jews are all those antisemitic tropes that are vile.

The critics are silenced by a people so wounded that they cannot come out from behind the shield of victimhood that labels all criticism as an attack on Jewish identity. A shield that fends off all perceived critics as enemies. A shield created from the generational pain of persecution.

By Becoming Us…

Starting with Richard Rohr’s; “God loves us by becoming us…” As beautiful as these words are in their most obvious meaning, I believe they also include some deeper dimensions of understanding that many people are not yet able (or prepared) to hear…?  I believe they are also saying that God, and therefore the actuality and… Continue reading By Becoming Us…

God does not “see” sin

Part One God does not “see” sin… What the world calls “mercy” in common usage presumes a crime (or sin) has been committed, and that “forgiveness” is about something real, in other words a “real” crime, or sin. In such an ontology forgiveness and mercy serve merely to “make” separation more “substantial.” True (radical) forgiveness… Continue reading God does not “see” sin


Seeing (Awareness) knows that it knows, and knows its own seeing or knowing, without any need of another (an other). This seeing is NOT of the eyes, ears, or any of the bodily senses. Metaphor, we must “move” with words such as these, allow them to carry us past (or prior) to words, and then “further,” past and prior to thought, emotion, memory,… Continue reading Seeing

Wildness, Wilderness & David Whyte

Context Wilderness and wildness can be beautiful ways to recognize source made manifest, and to describe an enlivened earth as the larger terrain we and all of life are co-participants in.  In this view or metaphor, and for the purposes of this essay, wildness is understood to be the activity of wilderness, while wilderness is understood to be the manifest expression of awareness, source, life, consciousness, Goddess, Tao, so many… Continue reading Wildness, Wilderness & David Whyte


Part One It is Grace that brings about the final cessation of any identity of separation, otherwise called ego, to reveal all of manifest Existence as this Truth of Love that we also Are. No ego or identity of separation can orchestrate such a dissolution, nor can any illusion of separation “unite” with what has… Continue reading Grace

Cartesian Theology and the Axis of Separation

Part One The logical underpinnings, world views and mechanistic paradigms of what is predominantly a northern hemisphere Western/European, patriarchal, hierarchical and deeply alienated culture has colonized and subjugated indigenous, southern hemisphere, Eastern, feminine, matriarchal and nearly all other human ways of understanding, relating, experiencing and sharing the commons (world). All of our planet’s life’s ways,… Continue reading Cartesian Theology and the Axis of Separation

In the Face of What Is Happening

Part One Something that may help, in the face of what is happening in this country and in the world, is to be willing to consider all of it in terms of what works and what doesn’t work. Not speaking does not work. Speaking in ways that increase delusion, misinformation, fear, reaction, anger and alienation also does not… Continue reading In the Face of What Is Happening

Multidimensional Thinking

Beyond separation… My cousin (who’s writings can be found Here) messaged me the below. I was moved to reply to her with what follows. As I re-read my “Puzzled” blog post it occurred to me that a great many people, particularly those to whom that post was directed, do not see Trump’s FB posts, tweets, actions, etc.… Continue reading Multidimensional Thinking

Sooner Or Later We Fall Silent

It seems that, due to the limitations and structures of language, the word Consciousness (being a noun) suggests that it, that is consciousness itself, is an object. However, Consciousness cannot be an object simply because it is that which is aware of all objects, including such things as nouns. Which would seem to suggest Consciousness is a… Continue reading Sooner Or Later We Fall Silent

Starting With Community

Discovering and co-creating, in consciousness, a new set of stories also takes being open to other ways of seeing things, and equally important, a desire to discover new ways of experiencing ourselves. The beliefs and stories that humans share the most, the ones that determine some of our most ardently defended experiences of self, are the ones that say we are separate, that is, separate from each other, separate from life, and separate from the Universe…

Silence is a Commons

“Computers are doing to communication what fences did to pastures and cars did to streets.“ by Ivan Illich This article is from Ivan Illich’s remarks at the “Asahi Symposium Science and Man – The Computer-Managed Society,” Tokyo, Japan, March 21, 1982 Minna-san, gladly I accept the honour of addressing this forum on Science and Man.… Continue reading Silence is a Commons