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Thank you for coming to explore the new Discussion Group we are envisioning.  We have followed the daily Letters from An American written by Heather Cox Richardson for many months.  She seemingly never fails to instruct us and cause us to perhaps dig a little deeper into what is happening around us.  And we’ve found that by doing this in a group we develop a deeper and broader understanding of the happenings of the moment and we grow in our capacity to communicate well using the social skills it requires to do so in a group.

Unlike many Facebook pages, ours will be closely moderated to stay true to the standards that Heather maintains.  We communicate with each other without name calling, profanity or degrading the opinion of another member. 

And we continuously grow and expand our thoughts through experiences other members bring to the group. 

If you would like to join us on this journey, please leave a comment for us at bottom of this or any page on this site where comments are possible,.so that we’ll know to contact you when our discussion platform is ready for member interaction.

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