Temporary Home


Thanks so much for following the link we provided to you. No, this isn’t a new Unofficial HCR Discussion Facebook group…..not yet. This is a temporary home for those of us who nurtured the original Unofficial FB page as we regroup and determine how best to move forward.

Those of us working on this site have been deleted from the original Unofficial HCR Discussion Facebook group and blocked from accessing it. John Fridinger, our most recent page Administrator, has detailed how that happened so abruptly in his narrative HERE.

We maintained a group of 38,000 members that was both inclusive and exclusive. The page was well-moderated and we attracted many great minds into our midst. So….of course, we want to keep that going, even if we have to start over.

Please leave a comment for us at the bottom of this or any page on this site where comments are possible, so that we’ll know to contact you when our new platform is ready for user interaction.


  1. This is an example of why we must stay informed of the insidious corruption that has infiltrated every factual; science-based; non-partisan; legitimate media.
    Thank you for this notice. I would like to continue with you.

  2. I am sorry to learn that this has happened and I stand ready to participate in any reconvening of our group based on our original mission. Thank you so much for reaching out to me so that I could continue to be part of this important community.

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