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Image credit: Anita O Pinion, ZVIR! Zorro’s Visual Impact Rebellion! This post is to help members make the most of our group, which is quite different from others on Facebook. Please be sure to get the lay of the land by reading our About section, our Rules, and our Posting and Commenting Guidelines. This way your comments can… Continue reading Hello All Members


Critical Awareness, Diversity & True Democracy Discussions To understand some of the origins of our group visit this page… https://www.unofficialhcr.com/ MEMBERSHIP ACCEPTANCE is dependent on READING this ABOUT section, our POSTING and COMMENTING GUIDELINES and our RULES, and then ANSWERING THREE QUESTIONS while joining, to ensure you are in the right place and not a… Continue reading About


Critical Awareness, Diversity & True Democracy Discussions 1- Current Affairs, Relevant History, Insight Post submissions should be offerings that add new, helpful, and/or different insights and perspectives to our group’s overall and always evolving understandings, conversations and discussions. We ask you to consider including some of your own thoughts, words and/or insight if you are… Continue reading Rules

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Critical Awareness, Diversity & True Democracy Discussions We welcome posts that are: Thoughtful posts that relate contemporary events and politics to historical events. Well-researched and otherwise thoughtful posts. Your own thoughts, observations and efforts to understand what is happening in our country and the world today. Linked-to resources, readings, articles, essays, news items and commentaries… Continue reading Posting Guidelines

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Critical Awareness, Diversity & True Democracy Discussions We hope posts will spark good, respectful discussions in the comment threads. What’s a good comment… One that seriously considers what the post offers. One that engages with how an idea is expressed (by OP, commenter, or article/essay/etc. link) and why it might be valid or not. One… Continue reading Commenting Guidelines