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This post is to help members make the most of our group, which is quite different from others on Facebook.

Please be sure to get the lay of the land by reading our About section, our Rules, and our Posting and Commenting Guidelines. This way your comments can be helpful and supportive and there will be no need for you to wonder why your potential post is still ‘pending,’ or ‘declined.’

All the above documents are here: https://www.unofficialhcr.com/group-docs/

In our About section we explain why we are selective, choosing posts that we believe are relevant to our always shifting, changing and evolving focus, and potentially elicit interesting conversations in the comments.

Posts in this group are not organized in chronological order, unless you specify this in your own FB account that you want the most recent posts at the top.

There are three dots associated with each Post and Comment, through which you can edit your own posts and comments.

Through the three dots is where you can also call for moderation, if you believe a comment is out of order or in violation of our rules.

Be sure to occasionally check our announcements and notices, which will be in the “Featured” area/tab.

Equating people with other mammals, cursing, words like “rapist” (unless convicted), using otherwise acceptable terms as epithets, energetically, culturally and/or schematically violent language, and especially any threats or calls to HARM life, the earth, persons or property will be DELETED.

No matter how eloquent and informative the rest of your comment may be, if it includes derogatory language, violence, untoward references, or cursing, it’s out.

Repeated offenses will be cause for removal and blocking from the group.

These are some difficult subjects being discussed in our group right now. But more than that we are a group whose very purpose is just that, to discuss difficult things, social, environmental and political subjects, world affairs, history as it affects and informs our current circumstances, and sooo much more that we humans and all life on our planet are up against, in some very challenging and major ways, NOW.

Another way to say it might be that with all our many different perspectives the purpose of this group most of all is to support a collective seeking for deeper shared understandings, higher levels of awareness and greater common ground in what are some very difficult times.

What brought many of us here, and gives us such a powerful starting place, is our common love and appreciation for Heather Cox Richardson’s writings.

In the midst of all this some people may want to believe there is censorship going on. But we are neither a media outlet nor the government, just a private FB group with some particular purposes, foci and intentions. And a lot of this needs to remain undefined so our many themes and conversations can shift, change, come, go, and most importantly evolve over time.

It takes a lot to moderate, administrate and support such a group as this in remaining the very great group that it is. So please do understand that debating with individual members about HOW the group is being administrated, moderated, or what is acceptable or not acceptable, is simply NOT possible.

For additional understanding, please do read the documents you were asked to read upon joining, which again can be found here: https://www.unofficialhcr.com/group-docs/

On a laptop or desktop computer if you want to see all the posts from our group in your personal feed, along with their comments, you will need to frequently and regularly click the “Most Recent” selection or icon in the side menu. Facebook will keep returning it to their algorithms, in their efforts to decide (control) for us what we want to see, hear and say from and to each other. There may be a similar selection on phones. Feel free to comment here if you know where…

Thank you, and WELCOME.



  1. I am looking forward to hearing other people’s perspectives and points of view. I hope to be able to join in and provide either encouragement or my own perspective on issues from time to time, and to learn from the answers I get. I am looking forward to it.

      1. P.S… Am now seeing you were invited by Wendy Torgeson yesterday… There is an “invitation” she sent via FB notifications you will need to formally accept, before you will be able to actually post or comment…

  2. Thanks so much for ALL that you’ve done and are doing, John, to make this group soar.

  3. This is quite an undertaking. Thanks for doing it! My desire is to learn from others. Hopefully I will be able to share my own insights and knowledge. We can all learn to be better from each other.

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