Critical Awareness, Diversity & True Democracy Discussions

1- Current Affairs, Relevant History, Insight

Post submissions should be offerings that add new, helpful, and/or different insights and perspectives to our group’s overall and always evolving understandings, conversations and discussions. We ask you to consider including some of your own thoughts, words and/or insight if you are sharing a news article. We are not just “news.”

2- Reputable sources, information and links please

You don’t have to fact check everything you say or in an article you submit or include, but it is incumbent upon you to make sure that what you say or link to is reasonably reliable and/or true. Misinformation is NOT allowed and can be cause for removal and blocking from the group.

3- Keep it classy folks

No rants, memes, gifs, etc. No unhelpful insults about anyone. Our bar is higher. Comments should illuminate, inform and evoke thoughtful exchanges. Cursing is highly discouraged and can get your comment deleted. Acronyms of cursing and rudeness are also not acceptable.

4- No Petitions/Campaigns/Promotions/Spam

Please no posts for campaigns, petitions, email sign ups, self promotion, garnering web traffic, spam or irrelevant links. If you believe you have an exception post it and we’ll review it.

Sock puppets, trolls and bots, immediately upon discovery, will be removed and blocked from the group.  

Every comment has three dots associated with it, where moderation can be flagged whenever and wherever it is needed. On a phone those dots are at the upper right.


Posts here do not have a ‘share’ button. You MUST ask permission from whoever is the writer to share ANY original content. You must also ask if they wish to be credited or anonymous. Please be honorable on this matter.

6- Be Kind and Courteous

This rule goes without saying, but just in case … We’re all in this together to create a welcoming and friendly environment. Let’s treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness, consideration and courtesy is required.

7- You MUST Read the Posting & Commenting Guidelines

To do this GO TO and 

Note that most posts don’t make the cut. If you’ve never read these guidelines, there is no way you’d know why. We challenge ourselves and others to raise the bar, and curate posts accordingly.

8- NO Violence, Illegal Activities, Deception

It should go without saying, but because of recent comments by people who should know better here it is:

Promoting violence, firearms, illegal activity, deceptive practices, misinformation, disinformation, divisiveness, or ANYTHING similar, may be cause for permanent removal from the group.

Every comment has three dots associated with it that appear when it is hovered over, where moderation can be flagged. On a phone those dots are at the upper right.

9- NO Discrimination

Should again go without saying, but because of some recent comments here is another rule:

Racist, xenophobic, ethnophobic, transphobic, homophobic, misogynist, anti‐semitic, all forms of religious discrimination, sexism in all its forms, ableism, stereotyping, and ALL other forms of discrimination, purposeful alienation and/or divisiveness mentioned or not mentioned, are NOT permitted, and can be cause for swift removal and blocking from the group.

10- Regarding Social Health Guidelines and Similar

ANY implied or direct suggestions, claims or arguments counter to health department guidelines will get one rather swiftly and permanently removed from this group.